Support Local Artists: 19 Weird & Wonderful Works of Art for Your Home

support local art -- 19 original paintings for your home

“People need art in their houses. They don’t need Bed Bath & Beyond dentist-office art, they need weird stuff.” — Ezra Croft

Make your home great again with weird, wonderful art that will inspire creativity, impress your guests, and just flat-out look cooler than any lame Walmart art ever could.

Ready to support local art? Check out the 19 original pieces below, all created by talented local artists in the United States.

1. Hand-Painted Deer Skull by Midnight and Magnolias

This unique piece of art was created using acrylic paints. Hang it on your wall or showcase it on a shelf. By Midnight and Magnolias.

2. “Cadmium,” Original Oil Painting by Damian Gomes¬†

Local artist, Damian Gomes, is a figurative painter working in Phoenix, Arizona. Check out his store for more of his work: Damian Gomes Art. He’s also available for art commissions.

3. Handmade Metal Art by TGSH Metals

Handmade by TGSH Metals and More, this metal frog will leap (sorry) into your heart and home.

4. “Bulldog Napping,” Original Acrylic Painting by¬†Uhl Art

The talented artist behind Uhl Art creates everything from adorable paintings of animals to beautiful landscapes.

5. “Heat,” Original Acrylic Painting by Nance Studios¬†

“Heat” is the fourth painting from a series of four depicting the American Bison in different seasons. Sold by Nance Studios.

6. “Dance, Dance, Dance,” Original Giclee Print by¬†DC Langer Fine Art and Jewelry

This original giclee art print (a digital printing process) comes signed by the artist. Support local art by checking out DC Langer Fine Art and Jewelry.

7. Storm Trooper Quilled Art by JGA Creations

Star Wars fans will love the cool quilled art available at JGA Creations. Check out their store for tons of other quilled-art creations, from superheros to Disney princesses.

8. Original Horse Painting by Gilded Owl Musings

Gilded Owl Musings paints a wide variety of subjects, from horses as depicted here, to birds, cows, and fruit.

9. “The Eyes Have It,” Original Acrylic Painting by Kevin G. Nicholson

This is an abstract painting¬†emoting the lust and reciprocation coming from the female gaze. Support local art by checking out the amazing works of Kevin G. Nicholson’s in BlackStripe Gallery.

10. “Wildebeest,” Original Painting by¬†Volt Cra

“Wildebeest” is an original painting that is part of a mini collection entitled “Manipulator” by¬†Volt Cra.

11. “Red Umbrella,” Original Acrylic Painting by¬†Karen’s Artistry

This is an original acrylic painting signed by the artist and inspired by Cinnamon Cooney. Created by¬†Karen’s Artistry.

12. Custom Portrait Oil Painting by Custom Portrait Art

Commission an original oil painting of yourself to hang above your mantle a la King-Henry style with Custom Portrait Art.

13. “Leftover Supper,” Original Oil Painting by Damian Gomes

“I believe good art should make you think. I feel great art should stop you from thinking.” — Damian Gomes.

14. Custom Acrylic Painting of Your Pet by¬†Kimba’s Critters

Support local art by letting¬†Kimba’s Critters create a custom painting of your pet in any background you choose. (Even a Van Gogh painting!)

15. “Chapel of the Holy Cross Cathedral” Original Watercolor Painting by¬†StickyKitties

StickyKitties is a funky little one-woman operation. She creates one-of-a-kind pieces, like this original watercolor painting of a famous cathedral in Sedona, Arizona.

16. “Eye of Ra,” Original Mixed Media Painting by¬†EclectiKOriginZ

This cool piece was finger-painted in impasto using a combination of acrylic, gouache, and/or tempera, and manipulated with sticks, feathers, and brushes. By EclectiKOriginZ.

17. “The Forgotten Road,” Original Oil Painting by¬†Priscilla Nemger

“The Forgotten Road” is an original oil painting on a wooden keepsake box that has been hand-signed by artist Priscilla Nemger. See more of her artwork at¬†UPKeepx.

18. “Butterfly in the Garden,” Original Acrylic Painting by Isabel Lucas

Bring the beauty of spring into your home with this original painting by Isabel Fashion Designer / painting.

19. “Dyptich,” Original Acrylic Painting by Denise Whitlow Art

Brighten up your home with an original painting by Denise Whitlow Art. This painting comes on two canvases.

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