20 Things to Cross Off Your To-Do List This Summer

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With the sun shining brightly upon us, it’s time to relax a bit from the day-to-day grind and enjoy the season… which also means it’s time to create your summer checklist!

While many of us might not get the same amount of free time as we did when we were children, (boo!) we should still be taking a bit of time to relax, rejuvenate, and enjoy the season.

In case you need a bit of inspiration on how to do that, we’ve created a summer checklist of 20 of our favorite activities. See how many you can cross off before Labor Day!

1. Take Yourself Out to the Ball Game

Watch a baseball game, complete with your favorite stereotypical baseball foods. (Yes, that means hot dogs and bad beer galore!)

2. Play Like a Child

Ride a roller coaster or Ferris wheel at a nearby amusement park or fair. (Maybe grab a snow cone or some cotton candy afterwards too.)

3. Make a Splash

Go swimming in a nearby lake, ocean, or neighborhood pool, or just run through a sprinkler if that’s what you have available.

4. Play With Bugs

Catch fireflies at night in a mason jar with holes punched in the lid… Be sure to release them unharmed back into the night though!

5. Create Something Cool

Build a classic sandcastle on the beach… or if you don’t live near a beach and can’t visit one anytime soon, make a sandbox for your backyard and have some fun!

6. Indulge Like the Good Old Days

Buy a Creamsicle from an ice-cream truck (or make the Creamsicle cake from our recent list of favorite no-bake recipes!).

7. Eat Fresh (No, Not at Subway)

Stop by a farmers’ market to buy fresh produce — it’s a fun early-morning activity and you’ll eat better too!

8. Fire Up the Grill

Enjoy a weekend barbecue with friends, complete with refreshing summer cocktails and light desserts, like simple ice-cream cones.

9. Let the Music Move You

Celebrate the season with an outdoor concert. Extra points if you bring a blanket and an al-fresco meal.

10. Hit the Open Road

Take a last-minute road trip to a seemingly random town or tourist stop in your state (the memories will be worth it!).

11. Have a Mindful Moment

Spend a few seconds breathing deep while feeling the sun on your back. Really relax with long, deep breaths.

12. Float On

Make root beer floats. Just a scoop of vanilla ice cream topped with your favorite root beer in a tall glass. Simple and delicious!

13. Make Like Beyonce

Make lemonade from scratch. If you have children, consider a classic lemonade stand to warm the hearts of your neighbors, too!

14. Enjoy the Fresh Air

Go on a long bike ride to nowhere in particular, but be sure to bring your helmet and obey the rules of the road!

15. Catch a Flick Outdoors

Host or attend an outdoor movie night, complete with flavored popcorn of your choice and more pillows than you can count.

16. Say “Ohm” Outside

Take an outdoor yoga class and luxuriate in the feeling of your toes on freshly cut grass.

17. Roll Around in Air-Conditioned Comfort

Go roller skating at your closest roller rink. Feel free to make this one a theme party with your friends, too!

18. Slumber Like an Adult

Have a slumber party with your best friends and go out to brunch in the morning. (Complete with mimosas because they’re one of the perks of being a grownup.)

19. Treat Your Muscles

Get a long massage and truthfully allow your muscles and mind to fully relax.

20. Boost Your Brain Power

Pick up a new book at a local bookstore, listen to an audiobook while you garden or relax on vacation, or check out a cool, new podcast.

Summertime Sadness Be Gone!

This season is one of sunshine, happiness, and, for many of us, a whole lotta heat!

So whether you enjoy most of your activities indoors (or outdoors if you’re lucky!), summer is the perfect time to try new things, go on vacation, indulge a little, and act like a kid. Fill your summer checklist with that kind of variety and you’re set to have your best season ever!

Which of these activities will be on your summer checklist?


Jessica is a blogger and freelance writer who adores fashion, fitness, and all of the fun life has to offer. She enjoys spending time with her fiancé, eating too much ice cream, and adventuring in the mountains of Colorado. Catch more on her blog Semi-Sweet Tooth or on Instagram.

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