11 Star Wars Products That Are Out of This World

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Whether it’s May the Fourth — or any other day — it’s the perfect time to add some awesome Star Wars items to your collection.

And the following 11 products are some of the greatest in the Galaxy — guaranteed.

1. Luggage Tags That Make Chewie say: “Rrrrghghgh!”

Be the envy of every traveler with these adorable, handmade luggage tags (or keychains/backpack tags) by¬†Embroider My Heart. They’re available in a variety of Star Wars characters, so be sure to check out their store!

2. Art Even a Stormtrooper Could Love

Quilled art is a unique way to show off your love for the Dark Side. Handmade by¬†JGA Creations with strips of paper, your quilled stormtrooper art will arrive in a 5×7 frame.

3. Drink, You Will.¬†ūüć∑

These are just about the coolest/cutest things I’ve ever seen — and they’d make the perfect gift for the Star Wars fan in your life. (Even if that fan is you.) Handmade by¬†The Warp Zone Store.

4. An Immortal Yoda 

Spoiler alert! Yoda dies. (If you don’t know that by now, that’s on you, not me.) But he can live forever in your heart — and home — with this handmade, wood-burned plaque by¬†Wild Ivy Creations.

5. The Force Is Strong With Your Hair 

This Star Wars headband will be your go-to hair accessory for impromptu brunches, running errands, hitting the gym, and going for a ride in the Millennium Falcon. Handmade by Raceday Hairbands.

6. Even Your Feet Have a Dark Side

The coolest kicks you’ll ever own are these hand-painted masterpieces by¬†Heart and Soles. You can customize them with any¬†Star Wars characters you like — so check out their store for some great ideas.

7. Show Those Stick Families Who’s Boss

Send a message loud and clear with this¬†hilarious window sticker by¬†Cosmic Frogs Vinyl. (And that message is basically… The Empire will straight-up destroy your stick-figure family — and have fun while doing it.)

8. Bathe With the Grand Master of the Jedi Order

Bathe or bathe not, there is no try. Wear this hooded Yoda towel and you’ll be one with the¬†wisest and tiniest humanoid in the Galaxy. (You can even get your name sewn on the back if you want!) Handmade by¬†KaTee’s Bowtique/Custom Embroidery.

9. Is That a BB8 in Your Pocket or Are You Just Happy to See Me?

Star Wars fans will flip for this handmade leather BB8 wallet by World of Leathercraft. It can also be monogrammed for maximum coolness.

10. The Force Meets Fiction

This is possibly the coolest Star Wars shirt you’ll ever own.. The Force with a little bit of Fiction thrown in for good measure. Sold by¬†Biolab Piercing Studio.

11. The Best Beanies in the Dagobah

Hand-crocheted and downright adorable, these Yoda beanies are a must-have for all Star Wars fans. P.S., They can be made in child sizes, but why would you do that when they can be made for adults instead? Created by Crocheted by Tina.

Which of these Star Wars products is your favorite? 

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