Spring 2018 Runway Trends That Actual, Real People are Wearing

spring 2018 runway trends
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When high-fashion models walk the runways, they are clothed in over-the-top haute couture that is tailored by intuitive and sometimes wacky (but brilliant) designers.

No actual real people will wear these exaggerated versions of the coming season’s trends. Nor do most of us have the extraneous funds to wear even one Louboutin shoe. #speakforyourself

You don’t have to spend hundreds of dollars to be stylish. You can adopt the latest trends inspired by the runway and adapt them to fit your own unique spirit.

It’s time to send that bomber jacket to storage to make room for the following spring 2018 runway trends that actual people are wearing.


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A 2017 carryover, jumpsuits will hang around in 2018 (yay!) and are taking on a more utilitarian feel.

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Think flight suits, denim, and boyish styles in military colors like navy, olive, white, and black.

Fanny Packs

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Yep, you read that right. Fanny packs have risen from the ashes as one of the hottest spring 2018 runway trends.

We’re not embarrassed to wear them, and they come in super handy when touring a new city or roaming around a food festival.

Marc Jacobs and Gucci have taken your aunt’s fanny pack and elevated it in a contemporary, stylin’ way that local designers can recreate in a more affordable way.

Bike Shorts

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Fanny packs and bike shorts are showing up as spring 2018 runways trends… buuuttt, maybe not together. You don’t want to go too Tourist Uncle on us.

Bike shorts are quite versatile as they are being worn under super-short dresses and as pants to longer jackets and cardigans. Pair with thigh-high or knee-high socks and you’ll be trending hard.


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Dresses over T-shirts, sandals over socks — this spring is all about mixing and matching your favorite items and creating some outfits you never knew you had.


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This is your spring, glam gals. Sequins by day, glitter by night… Shimmer is queen this spring as Gucci, Marc Jacobs, Versace, and Tom Ford have all made that abundantly clear during their runway shows.

Typically reserved for fancy nighttime festivities, sparkles are moving to the daytime on the street and in the office.


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This year’s pastels are delicate, yet strong, with sorbet hues like mint and lavender (Pantone’s color of the year) leading the way.

Wear it from head to toe — there’s no limit with lavender.

Sophisticated Fringe

Source: dame.paz & oliviazglitz via Instagram

This is not your little sister’s Coachella fringe. It’s of a more sophisticated variety.

We are seeing tinsel fringe adorn dresses and metal fringe adorn purses in the most mature way.

Sheer Dresses

Source: theblondera via Instagram

From creamy pastels to patterned, translucent fabrics are elegant, yet playful. These dresses are less Fascinations and more Free People.

Sheer dresses are worn over bike shorts and slips for a less provocative, but still sensual, look.

Multiple Bags

Source: doro00oo via Instagram

I mean, really, how can one bag hold everything you need?

Designers Chanel and Dolce & Gabbana heeded every fashionable new mom’s cry by starting a multiple bag trend.

Clear Plastic

Source: the_chic_anzwer via Instagram

Purses, shoes and hats are some of the most wearable in the clear plastic arena.

Which spring 2018 runway trends will you get into in the coming season?

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