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Hey ya’ll! My name is Summer, and I’m the owner of Slyfyre Creations. I love all types of crafts, particularly cross-stitch and crochet.

I work my regular job as a medical transcriptionist in sunny Florida, but my full-time job is being the mother of three young children: two preschool boys and a third-grade girl.

Our house can get really crazy so I take “relax time” whenever I can get it.

How do you juggle your business with three little ones in the house? 

Wanting to do crafts with the little ones afoot, I had to learn something ‘safer’ than cross-stitching (I had visions of needles poking out eyes and kids running with scissors) so I started learning to crochet.

My mom had tried to get me to learn for years, but I didn’t think I would like it. Finally, she got me to try it and I found it to be the perfect craft to do while my children enthusiastically grabbed me for a hug or climbed into my lap to share inspection of a fascinating object.

At first, I tried my hand at afghans. However, these projects can take a while to complete and I would find myself going back and counting stitches too often after an interruption or laying down my work.

I soon found an easy type of crochet called Amigurumi (ahh-mee-guh-roo-mee) — I always get asked how to say it.

I found creating Amigurumi crochet projects to be super fun and I get great feedback from my three little ones as to what they really like and what they aren’t so impressed with.

Where did the name for your store come from?

In my teen years and early in my marriage, I was a video-game geek (and still enjoy a good game every now and again). My husband and I participated in online group games, as well as some oldies like Super Mario, Zelda, and my personal favorite series Final Fantasy.

My gamer-geek character was always an elf and my favorite spell was fire. Having only a few character spaces for a name WAY back when (you gamers know what I’m talking about) limited what you could call yourself and wanting to be unique, Fyre became my gamer name.

When deciding on a unique name for my store, I combined my initials with Fyre and viola! Slyfyre Creations was born.

What products are you most excited to offer on Scott’s Marketplace?

I am so excited to share my love of Amigurumi objects for children through Slyfyre Creations on Scott’s Marketplace. Although adults love them, too. (I had to make my mom a cute little pumpkin pie after she saw one I had made).

So far, my favorite one would be my Easter bunny with a carrot followed by my Bomb-omb. My husband fell in love with my Dragon Quest-inspired slime and once I was done with the classic blue, he went out and bought me the yarn to make the she-slime and metal slime for him.

Of course, the kids love the stuffed animals best. The first new creature I make usually gets claimed by one of my kids before I can make one to sell.

My daughter loves to be the ‘model’ for my pictures of what I’m selling, too. If you see hands holding a creation of mine, then those are my girl’s.

What inspires you?

Recently, I came across a group of women who crochet baby octopuses for premature babies. The idea originated in Denmark and is known as the Octo Project.

As their website states:

“Specialists have discovered that snuggling up to the cozy tentacles of these crochet octopi helps preemies as they grow stronger. The little fighters are given a flashback to the calming sea of being in their mum’s belly with an umbilical cord to hold onto. The tentacles are also useful for deterring the teeny tots from attempting to pull out their monitors and tubes.”

I found this to be so inspiring that I decided to join the Facebook group “Octopus for a Preemie.” I would encourage any person who crochets to join this worthy cause.

Aside from your business, what are your hobbies?

I have been doing crafts since I was a small child. My mom and my grandma taught me many different types of projects and my mom and I still do crafts together.

Now, I pass this passion on to my kids and we do crafts regularly of many different types. My other-than-crafts hobbies include Pinterest, reading, gaming, and social media with family and friends.

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