See Ya, Stress: 8 Baby-Inspired Methods That Help Adults Relax

relaxing tips for adults

Throughout your adult life, you’ve made suppressing tiredness an art form.

As you tend to your family and/or your profession, you condition yourself to resist your natural urge to rest, and to sleep only when necessary.

But you were born with the natural instinct to relax, and it’s absolutely necessary to schedule yourself some downtime to keep your sanity.

If meditation and medication aren’t for you, try some of the following sleep-inducing remedies that have been relaxing babies since the beginning of time. (And are proven to help adults relax too.)

1. Rock Yourself

A rocking motion helps the brain not only fall asleep faster but achieve longer, more sound sleep, according to a University of Geneva study.

If you don’t have access to rocking furniture, visualize yourself swinging in a relaxing hammock or laying under gently swaying palm trees.

2. Take a Bath

Light some candles, grab a glass of red wine, pour aromatic bath salts into a warm tub of water,  and slink into another dimension where only you and your book exist.

Taking a relaxing bath is one of the oldest methods there is; we’re so busy taking care of everyone else, we forget to pamper ourselves. (But not anymore!)

3. Color Like a Kid

The adult coloring book phenomenon is still going strong. An activity for children has quickly become a popular adult hobby that lowers stress and anxiety and takes the brain into a mindful, meditative state.

Trade the Crayolas and Minions coloring book in for colored pencils and an art-therapy coloring book to experience a child-like state of focus and calmness.

4. Drink Warm Milk

There’s no proof that a glass of warm milk makes you sleepy, even though it does contain tryptophan (like turkey).

But drinking it can bring back fond, relaxing memories of childhood, which can take your mind off current life’s stresses and chill you out.

5. Have a Bedtime Routine 

Bedtime routines aren’t just for grade schoolers. It’s important for adults to make time for themselves before bedtime to say goodnight to the hectic day.

A routine can quiet your mind and condition your body for rest.

It doesn’t have to be a long series of events to unwind, but perhaps something like: wash your face, brush your teeth, crawl into bed, turn off your phone, breathe 5 deep breaths, think of three things you were thankful for today, read for a few minutes, turn off the light, and close your eyes.

6. Play White Noise

Not only does white noise buffer sounds outside of your bedroom, it helps shut down your busy brain for a peaceful night’s sleep.

7. Take a Nap

Not enough Americans take naps — a very important aspect of many cultures. We are a sleep-deprived society dreaming about an afternoon nap.

Naps can restore alertness, help you rejuvenate, and enhance performance throughout the day.

This means, by night’s end, you’ll have less stress built up and have more willingness to relax in order to fall asleep.

Don’t let naps last longer than 30 min, and don’t have one too late in the day.

8. Watch Baby Einstein

Baby Einstein is a collection of videos that show babies and toddlers simple patterns, puppets, old-school toys, and other everyday items accompanied by classical music by Beethoven, Mozart, and more.

These relaxing videos will put both baby and you into a trance. So if you’re in desperate need of sleep, pop in Baby Mozart, and find yourself sinking deeper and deeper and deeper into your recliner.

Do you have any other relaxing baby-inspired methods to add?

Anne-Marie Pritchett is a freelance writer for The Local Lifestyle who enjoys exploring the outdoors, visiting different cultures, digging into new music, and cuddling her new baby. When she gets some free time, she likes to check out local gastropubs and attempt to speak in her British accent.

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