11 Printed Wallpaper Ideas That’ll Jazz Up Your Decor

printed wallpaper ideas for your home

Is your home decor looking a little… blah?

Printed wallpaper to the rescue! These fun patterns and motifs can upgrade any space in an instant.

Need proof? Just keep scrolling.

1. Hit the Spot

The idea of papering your walls in polka dots may sound intimidating, but just look at how this spotted wall turned out.

From black-and-white Dalmatian prints to colorfully dotted designs, this style can work with a wide range of decorative themes.

Start small by adding it to an accent wall, or use it on the backside of shelves for a pop of spots.

2. The Midas Touch

Metallics go with everything, and they can really freshen up an outdated room.

If you have a lot of antiques or an older home in general, a splash of gold or silver can take your space into modern territory.

3. More of the Same

Everyone has a preferred color palette, and printed wallpaper just means more of a good thing.

Amplify your favorite hues by complementing your decor with patterned wallpaper in a similar shade.

4. Mix and Match

Don’t be afraid to double up on your prints, too.

Complement a floral bedspread with a flowery wallpaper, or pair it with coordinating stripes instead.

Just balance the look by mixing small patterns with larger ones.

5. A Light Touch

Source: southerndrawldecor/Instagram

Love the idea of printed wallpaper, but unsure of how it would look in your home?

Play it safe with a muted take on this eye-catching style. Look for prints and patterns in soft, barely there motifs for subtle contrast.

6. Gender Roles

If you’re decorating a nursery, there’s no cuter way to bring a room together than with colorful wallpaper.

Pick out your hues¬†— from traditional pinks and blues to gender-neutral combinations — and then paper your walls accordingly.

7. Island Time

A home always looks better with greenery, so embrace nature with a lush accent.

These jungle leaves make you feel like you’re on a tropical getaway without stepping foot outside your door.

8. Newspaper Print

Source: Freshome/Instagram

If you already have a lot of colorful accents in your home, a black and white wallpaper print may be the best solution to your papering needs.

This classic duo is eye-catching without looking too busy.

9. Map It Out

Source: RebelWalls/Instagram

Geography buffs and wanderlusters, this one’s for you.

Map-themed wallpaper pairs well with leather couches and masculine decor — and its earthy hues are extra versatile to boot.

10. Loud and Proud

Feeling particularly adventurous? Go ahead and try your hand at a bold print.

Thanks to removable wallpaper designs, you can experiment with the loudest patterns minus the commitment.

11. Go Faux

Wishing you had an exposed brick wall, or dreaming of a reclaimed pallet backdrop? Try faux wallpaper instead!

These printed styles mimic the look of brick, wood, and stone without the costly home renovation.

Which of these printed wallpaper styles do you love most? Share your picks below!

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