How to Find the Perfect Winter Coat for You

perfect winter coat
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Your outerwear plays a major role in how you look — all season long. We’re helping you make a great first impression with tips for finding your perfect winter coat.

1. Wrap Coat

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Wrap coats are an excellent choice for curvy ladies and hourglass shapes who want to highlight their enviable waist-to-hip ratios.

They’re also a professional-looking option for workplaces.

Wear them belted or undone for a more athleisture-inspired presentation.

2. Parka

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Perhaps the warmest of coats, the parka is the perfect choice for women who want to hide their tummies.

These bulky styles flatter apple shapes thanks to their all-over volume.

Just choose a parka that’s fitted to your body, especially if you’re petite or tall.

3. Top Coat

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This menswear staple is one of the most universally flattering choices for all body types,  because it elongates the body with its dramatic length.

This particular coat style is a exceptionally good for ladies with short torsos, as its silhouette instantly lengthens the look of your midsection.

4. Faux-Fur Coat

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These fluffy designs will keep you warm, but they also add unwanted bulk to most body types.

Faux fur is best for slim or athletic builds that can handle the extra volume.

5. Peacoat

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The peacoat is made for petites thanks to its cropped length.

Peacoats with big collars can also work well on plus-size beauties, because they draw the eye up toward the face.

6. Cape

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Boyish figures? Capes, wraps, and ponchos add volume and can give the illusion of curves — especially when styled with a belt.

This outerwear is also a good option for apple shapes, as it hides the midsection.

7. Military Coat

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The military coat may be borrowed from the boys, but it’s particularly ideal for adding volume to your bust.

Choose a style that’s made with a flared bottom to camouflage wide hips, and always go for double-breasted styles that won’t gap.

8. Oversized Coat

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Longer coats are good for statuesque ladies who can pull off the extra length.

This coat style is also a smart way to accommodate larger arms and fuller busts without sizing up.

9. Swing Coat

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Pear-shaped ladies look and feel great in swing coats, because these designs won’t hug your hips.

Choose styles made with empire waists to lengthen the look of your lower body, as well.

10. Puffer Coat

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As the name implies, puffer coats are puffy — which means they’re best suited for slim, athletic builds or small petites.

These coats have a sporty vibe, so they’re a great choice for women who love their joggers and loungewear.

Just like the parka, this style also hides tummy bulges by disguising the midsection, making it the perfect winter coat.

Winter Coat Styling Tips by Body Type

  • Petite? Funnel necks elongate your frame.
  • Slim? Peplum adds curves.
  • Curvy? Belts instantly flatter.
  • Plus-size? Parkas disguise your midsection.
  • Pear-shaped? Hide your hips with a swing coat.

Are you shopping for the perfect winter coat this season? Let us help! Tell us what you’re looking for in the comments.

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