Show off Your Super Bowl LII Pride With These Fan-Favorites!


It’s almost February, and football season is sadly coming to a close, but the party don’t start til Super Bowl LII!

Soon, the AFC champ, the New England Patriots, will square off against the NFC champ, the Philadelphia Eagles. It’s sure to be a cutthroat, east-coast throwdown like no other!

Will Tom Brady get a sixth ring? Will any commercial freak us out more than puppy-monkey-baby? Will JT have another “costume malfunction”?

Don’t fumble over all the anticipation — instead, get yourself ready for the big day with these game-ready must-haves!

Ready for a Boston Tea Party?

Nothin’s more appropriate for a Boston Tea Party like a colonial Patriots apron. (Pearls sold separately.)

The Philly Subs Are Served

Making delicious Philly subs? (Wiz-wit, of course!) Fly into everyone’s hearts with this Eagles-apron! Both Pat and Geno would be so proud!

Sweet Philly Dreams

In West Philadelphia, born and raised? Show off your hometown pride with a pillow showing historic Philly — ya know, the days before Wawa.

Grillin’ Like a Patriot  

What’s more manly than a guy at the grill? Tom Brady. But after Tom, it’s your man in this Patriots grill-ready apron. Did someone say “buttah’ed lobstah roll”?

Eagles Fans Do It Better

‘Phill’ up the grill for the big day, while protecting your Foles jersey from splatter with this Eagles apron! (Note, this can also prevent against water-ice stains.)

Football So Good You Can Taste It

Are you in a Super Bowl pool? Sweeten the pot with cookies made for the special day. Custom names, numbers, and colors available!

The Littlest Eagle in the Nest

We don’t choose our teams, we’re born with them! Style your little eagle with this Eagles onesie and adorable bloomers!

You’re One Salty Fan

Patriots fans, have you had to defend Deflategate one too many times? These salt and pepper shakers say it all for you.

I’m Just Here for the Puppy Bowl

Not a football fan? Tune into the Puppy Bowl while sporting a hilariously obnoxious tee of your favorite pup!

Are You Ready for the Big Day?

Whether you’re a die-hard Patriots or Eagles fan, in it for the commercials, or you’re just faking the whole thing and waiting to see puppies compete or JT perform, we’ve got you covered for the big day! Shop even more items here.

How will you be reppin’ the Patriots or the Eagles this Super Bowl?

Tara Chambers is Sr Director of Marketing E-Commerce at Scott's Marketplace. When she’s not creating integrated marketing campaigns, you can probably find her snuggling her dog, Dave. Likes: brunch, documentaries, ice in her wine, the NY Giants. Dislikes: salmon, photo radar, war.

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