5 Reasons Why Keeping It Local Is The Greatest Thing Ever

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I really love shopping local. Sure, the occasional Target trip or Starbucks run can be convenient — but what’s even more memorable to me is the unique experience you get supporting local shops in your community.

I think we’ve all experienced a personal connection when we support a local shop in our community instead of heading to a nearby chain store.

But if you haven’t yet, check out these reasons why keeping it local really is the best — and get ready to make a change in your daily shopping habits!

1. Customers Matter

At one of my favorite local boutiques in my area, the owner personalizes the shopping experience for her customers.

She’ll choose clothing, accessories, and other fashion finds customers usually wouldn’t try for themselves.

While this isn’t the “norm” experience with all local businesses, I think we all can agree that when you’re shopping with a local business, you feel like a real person — not just a receipt.

2. All the Feels

When you support a local shop in your area, you’re making a direct impact on a neighbor’s life and livelihood. It’s like a great big hug for their business!

Do some good for your ‘hood and keep it local. Shopping therapy never felt so good! 

3. So Many Admirers

Local shops are loaded with unique products that will add to your individual style and help you shine more awesomely!

Who doesn’t love more compliments?!

4. No Hanger Here

A delicious way to support local entrepreneurs in your area is to dine on local grub from restauranteurs in your neck of the woods.  

Good, fresh (and often good for you) food?! Sign me up anytime!

5. Cheers for Local

Supporting local restaurants is fun — but supporting local bars is funner… or something like that.

Basically, what we’re saying is drink local. If alcohol isn’t your thing, check out local coffee shops in the area. Local libations, FTW!

Ready to Make Keeping It Local a Daily Thing?

Check out SHIFT10 — a non-profit initiative created by Scott’s Marketplace to encourage shoppers to keep it local.

Make the pledge to shift 10% of your everyday spending to local businesses in your ‘hood on the regular — and you’ll see why shopping local truly is the best! 

Local shops FTW! Will you take the SHIFT10 pledge? 

Stephanie Riel is a seasoned digital marketing and social media strategist who has a passion for helping small and local business owners with their online brand. When she’s not tweeting, you’re likely to find her Instagramming, Facebooking, nerding out to the latest tech trends, or listening to Britney Spears. Tweet with her.

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