13 Adorable Halloween Costume Ideas for Your Little Monsters

kids' costume ideas

It’s no surprise that Halloween is every child’s dream.

They get to dress up as their favorite icon, go trick or treating, and eat copious amounts of candy. Life doesn’t get any better when you’re that age.

Whether you have a newborn or a handful of children to dress up this Halloween, the products listed below are the answers to all of your problems.

Get creative with these 13¬†kids’ costume ideas¬†for the best — and most adorable — Halloween yet.

1. Batgirl returns.

If your baby girl dreams of being Batman’s fearless sidekick, then she will never want to take off her Batgirl costume.¬†This adorable ensemble from¬†Needles Knots n Bows¬†comes in many different sizes, ranging from newborn to size 4.

2. Spread your wings, fairy princess.

Let your fairy fly this Halloween in this beautiful princess dress with sassy sequins and glitter wings from Marveli.

3. Expecto Patronum… you’re a baby Harry Potter.

This Harry Potter outfit from Needles Knots n Bows¬†is one of our most adorable kids’ costume ideas this Halloween. It will look great on your little guy (or girl) and comes in sizes from newborn to 24 months.

4. Spiderman, Spiderman, does whatever a spider can.

Order this Spiderman costume from Globalsource to help your tween fight off all the Halloween villains.

5. Freeze! You’re the next Princess Anna.

If your toddler is a little snow princess who won’t stop singing, “Let It Go,” then she will love dressing up as Princess Anna from Frozen in this costume from Rudelynssarisaristore.com.

6. Strike a pose in a spider-girl tutu.

This is one of the best kids’ costume ideas because every baby needs an adorable Halloween outfit! And this one, from AMP Design Co.,¬†is the perfect one to dress your baby in for all the festive parties this year.

7. Look at this Ariel costume, isn’t it neat?

Now your girl can make her Halloween collection complete with this Little Mermaid costume from A Kids Dream Boutique that comes in sizes ranging from 1 year to 9 years.

8. Holy moly, Batman, it’s Robin!

If the whole family is planning on dressing up as superheroes to go trick-or-treating this year, then this Robin costume from Needles Bows n Boutiques¬†is a must-have! It’ll be great for the tiny one who rocks any size from newborn to size 4.

9. Change your Halloween fate to Princess Merida.

This stunning dress from Marveli is made in size 6 and 8 for the courageous princesses who adore the movie Brave.

10. To infinity and beyond with Jessie from Toy Story.

Your baby girl will be the cutest thing around this Halloween when you order her this handmade tutu costume from Pretty Princess Tutus. 

11. BzZZz… here’s an idea, bee a bumblebee.

If you’re having a hard time finding the right accessories for your bumblebee outfit this year, we’ve got you covered! You can get these tights, wings, and antenna headband from STek Wireless¬†to add a bee-utiful finish to your costume.

12. Superbaby to the rescue.

Your newborn is using their super powers right now to tell you how badly they want this Superman costume from Needles Knots n Bows. 

13. Rapunzel, Rapunzel, let down your long hair.

It’s pretty obvious that little girls love dressing up as princesses (Halloween or not). They feel so pretty in the glittering tiaras, beautiful makeup, and breathtaking dresses, like this Rapunzel dress from¬†Marveli.¬†

Did any of our kids’ costume ideas spark inspiration for you and your children?

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