How to Wear a Choker (And Still Look Classy)

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There is a fine line when learning how to wear a choker that teeters somewhere between fashionably chic and Fifty Shades of Grey.

Despite this, chokers are back with a force. These 90’s staples are becoming more and more popular each second… and we fully support the cause!

Chokers can add a different element to a look than a simple pendant necklace and bring a bit of an edge to your style.

But they can also sometimes look, shall we say, not the classiest.

Follow these simple tips and tricks from our favorite stars on how to wear a choker so you look more trendy than BDSM-y.

Keep It Simple

Whether you decide on a simple black elastic choker, or a wide gold cuff to match your sophisticated evening gown, there’s no need to go crazy with patterns or too many embellishments.

The overall impact of this easy-to-pull-off accessory is made in the accessory itself.

Keep the choker you select understated for maximum impact.

Highlight Only Your Neck

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One of the reasons chokers are coming back on the scene is that they are unique in what they highlight. Think of Audrey Hepburn; we all covet her long, graceful neck and delicate features.

This is exactly the impact created when one wears a choker. No need to pair it with short shorts or a deep V-neck top, you’ve already highlighted one of your best features, so don’t take away from that.

When in Doubt, Go for Black, White, or Gold

While we’ve seen this accessory available in every color under the rainbow, black, white, and gold are the colors to add into your arsenal right now.

While certain cases may call for hot pink or yellow, stick to solid black, white, or gold to get the best bang for your buck when investing in this piece.

Keep Other Accessories to a Minimum

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Learning how to wear a choker properly means knowing when to lay off the other accessories.

Skip the large drop earrings in favor of some on-trend sunglasses to keep your choker as the star of the show. A wrist full of bangles or layering a costume necklace on top only distracts, so leave your newest accessory without too many layers to keep you looking like a class act.

Leave it Alone… Until You Don’t

Similar to our point above, while we’ve seen some amazing looks with layering a choker with a wide variety of other necklace accessories, some of these end up looking more like a ‘don’t’ than a ‘do.’

Until you become comfortable wearing chokers in all their glory, pick just one to complement your awesome ensemble.

From there, feel free to experiment with adding a couple small pendant necklaces or layering chokers on top of one another. While this layering definitely rocks, it’s a skill that should be reserved only for advanced choker wearers.

Choose One That Fits Correctly

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Some chokers are meant to sit in the middle of your neck, and some are meant to sit more around your collarbone. When picking one out, consider what type of impact you’re looking for and make sure your chosen accessory fits correctly.

Compare this to tailored clothing, which always looks and feels better than something immediately off the rack. The more accurately this piece fits you, the more customized it’s going to look and feel.

Learning how to wear a choker means taking a few things into consideration when picking out the style that works best for you.

Consider your color and what pieces you’ll be pairing it with to keep it classy and on trend — then shine in your new choker like the rock star you are!

Have more questions on how to wear a choker? Share below!


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