10 Picture-Perfect Ways to Style a Poncho

how to style a poncho
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If chilly temperatures have you feeling a little under the weather, there’s only one solution (besides jetting off to the Bahamas): new clothes, of course!

We’re taking a look at one of this season’s hottest trends — the poncho — and showing you how to style a poncho like a pro.

1. Wear it with your outerwear.

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Coats are definitely investment pieces, but ponchos let you change your entire look without breaking the bank.

In fact, you can wear a poncho over your outerwear of choice to stay extra warm (and extra chic).

2. Pair it with a mini skirt.

Wondering how to style a poncho for special night out?

Just pair it with a mini skirt for an effortless look that instantly flatters.

3. Keep it secure.

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Some ponchos are designed with closures at the neckline or chest, but some are simply made to drape however you see fit.

Use a brooch to keep an open poncho fastened and bedazzled to your liking, or add a simple knot to keep it in place all day.

4. Pull it aside.

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Wearing your poncho a little off-center is a great way to showcase the stellar outfit underneath it all.

This asymmetrical styling technique guards against unwanted boxiness and keeps things visually interesting.

5. Accessorize it.

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A poncho is a surprisingly good foundation for showing off your latest and greatest accessories.

Mix things up with a colorful sun hat or a Parisian-inspired beret.

6. Flatter with monotones.

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Prefer to keep things simple? Top your look with a traditional poncho in a basic shade like black, navy, charcoal, burgundy, or cream.

You’ll get endless wear from its classic good looks, and it will pair with anything and everything in your closet.

7. Make a colorful statement.

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If your wardrobe is neutral-heavy like mine, a poncho is a perfect opportunity to add a color pop to your rotation without buying a ton of new clothes.

Choose something daring (like a bright hue or a colorblock print) for the biggest impact.

(Hint: Ultra violet is Pantone’s color of the year for 2018.)

8. Flip it and reverse it.

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Many modern ponchos are made with reversible sides for double the styling possibilities. If you love versatility, opt for one of these two-in-one designs.

(Bonus points for coordinating the interior of your poncho with your outfit for a peekaboo effect that’s so put-together.)

9. Strive for balance.

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Ponchos are obviously voluminous, so balance their oversized proportions with slim-fitting bottoms like dark leggings, skirts with tights, or skinny jeans.

High heels can help to elongate your bottom half, as well.

10. Keep things covered.

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If you’re wearing a poncho with a short-sleeve sweater or dress, make sure you add a long-sleeve layer or a pair of gloves for a chic and cozy finishing touch.

Do you have any tried-and-true tips for how to style a poncho? Keep the fashion advice coming in the comments section below!

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