3 Local (and Luxurious!) Handmade Body Scrubs You’ll Love

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Get ready to fall in love… with a body scrub!

The changing seasons can leave you feeling itchy, dry, and blah. (Yes, “blah” is a technical term.) So when the weather changes, our skin-care regimen needs a little remix, too!

The chilly temperatures can be very rough on the skin. A great way to combat scaly skin (without any negative effects from harsh dyes or chemicals) is with luxurious handmade body scrubs.

A homemade body scrub is good for your body and your budget, which is why I love them!

Here are three of my favorites for fall!

1. SLATHERlotions — Pumpkin Spice Scrub

homemade body scrub pumpkin spice

What says fall more than pumpkin? I can’t think of much! Spice up your beauty routine with this homemade body scrub that boasts benefits like minimizing pores and increasing circulation!

It’s perfect to treat your chill-damaged skin this fall and the pumpkin-spice scent is scrumptious and decadent.

2. Right Soap — Coffee Scrub Bar

homemade body scrub coffee

When I really need a pick me up, I grab coffee — and this coffee-infused homemade body scrub bar will do the same thing for your skin.

The exfoliating properties will revitalize, along with the energizing coffee aroma, and the soothing shea butter will help keep your skin soft and moisturized all winter long.

3. Summer’s Skin — Peppermint and Eucalyptus Scrub

homemade body scrub peppermint

Don’t let this local business‘ name of Summer’s Skin fool you! This minty scrub is perfect for the fall season. The crisp peppermint and eucalyptus combine for an energizing and invigorating beauty treatment no matter what season it is!

This homemade body scrub will leave you feeling refreshed and recharged from all the chilly days we have ahead of us!

Will you try a homemade body scrub this fall?

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