Need a Unique Gift? Look No Further Than These Handmade Items

handmade items

Giving handmade items as a gift is always a good idea (for a few reasons).

  1. You don’t have to worry that the recipient already has it.
  2. You’re giving the shop-local movement a boost.
  3. It shows you put thought into your gift.

See? Handmade items are always the way to go.

Whether you want to buy something for your sister, yourself, or even your dog, we’ve got you covered with these 11 gifts.

1. What’s Up, Succa? 🌵

This cute mug will give you a reason to smile each morning — and let’s be honest, we can all use that. Handmade by the talented Pretty Phoxie, other designs include, “Don’t Succ. Be Kind.” and “Don’t be a prick.”

2. The “It” Bag

If you’re looking for handmade items you’ll use ALL the time, this ‘it’ bag is, well, it! It’s stylish, versatile, comes in beige or caramel, and has enough room for the essentials. Handmade by Sally Sachels Nthings.

3. Marshmallow Dreams

You need these handcrafted, gourmet marshmallows in your life. Whether you choose the s’mores flavor as shown above, or opt for birthday cake or reese’s pieces, you literally can’t go wrong. By Toasted Mallow.

4. Bird on a Wire

The cool thing about handmade items is how unique they are. And this adorable necklace, by Christique Designs, will stand out in the crowd for sure. (And look good with any outfit!)

5. Your Favorite New Hot Sauce 

Mama’s Smokin Hot Sauce has everybody talking. And if you haven’t tried this spicy, addictive, utterly delicious, handmade hot sauce yet, you’ll want to get it now before it sells out!

6. Sparkle While You Sweat

Is there a time when sparkling isn’t appropriate? We think not! Wear this blingy headband to the gym, out to brunch, while running errands, or simply hanging around the house to add a little sparkle to your day. By Raceday Headbands.

7. The Sweetest Seahorse 

These handcrafted seahorse lollipops are almost too adorable to eat. (Almost!) Choose from a ton of colors and flavors to customize them to your taste. By Candied Cakes.

8. Wine About It

Handmade items for your home really take your decor up a notch. And this supercool, stylish wine rack, by Adlite Creations, is no exception!

9. You’ll Never Take This Off

Handmade items, like this cute teal necklace, allow you to support the shop-local movement, while supporting your fashionista ways. Not bad, huh? Handmade by Gorge Jewelry.

10. Put This on… Everything

This Everything Bagel Spice Mix, handmade by Spice Girl Seasonings Co., is a perfect blend of toasted sesame seeds, toasted onion, minced garlic, poppy seeds, and all-natural course sea salt. Yum!

11. Treat Your Dog

A list of handmade items wouldn’t be complete without a little somethin’ nice for your four-legged friend! Check out this cute birthday bone, by Bone Bons, that was handmade with only the healthiest — and tastiest — ingredients for your best friend.

Did any of these handmade items catch your eye? 

Shannon is the director of content marketing for Scott's Marketplace. She enjoys reading, writing, daydreaming, and brunching with bottomless mimosas. (And she’s never met an animal she didn’t like.) Send her a tweet and tell her what your favorite book is.

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