18 Halloween Decorating Ideas That’ll Make Your Guests Scream šŸ‘»

Halloween decorating tips

Halloween is the perfect time to show off your creativity… and to be extra creepy.

Whether you are making a DIY costume, baking fang-tastic sweets, or putting up haunted decorations for your costume party, you can let your imagination run wild.

Haunt Your Home

With this spooky holiday around the corner, we’re here to help you get in the spirit by getting those creative juices flowing.

This list ofĀ Halloween decorating tips willĀ let you haunt your home this October. (And beyond!)

1. Spookify your shelves.

These handmade wooden shelf sitters fromĀ Simply Stef’sĀ are spooky-cute and will look great in your house this Halloween.

2. Add a sweet treat to your sofa.

Looking for easy Halloween decorating tips? Just add these adorable burlap pillows from Mom & MeĀ to your sofa for a cute, seasonal look for your home.

3. Put some festive fun in the kitchen.

This personalized ceramic jar fromĀ sherrykeepsakesĀ is a great accessory for all the black magic you do in the kitchen. Store your cookies, flour, or even your spellbook for safe-keeping all season long.

4. Add a jack-o-lantern light to the hallway.

If you have a dark, frightening hallway in your home, then this jack-o-lantern light fromĀ Heartlights will look great as it guides you through the darkness.

5. Swap out your wine glasses.

Which witch will be your sipping partner this Halloween? Find out when you order your set of hand-painted wine glasses fromĀ Glass Bellas.Ā 

6. Put your no-mess pumpkins on display.

You can pull your pumpkins out early when you take a more glam (and less messy) route with your Halloween decorations this year. These ceramic pumpkins fromĀ Kristy’s Craft RoomĀ will look great on display in your home.

7. Countdown until candy.

You wont ever have to wonder how many more days till candy when you have this handmade countdown fromĀ Made With Love By Jenn.

8. Hang zombie limbs on your wall.

You will really freak people out when they see this gory garland fromĀ Tutti ThinksĀ hanging above your dinner table. (Halloween decorating tips that’ll spook your guests are the most fun, aren’t they?!)

9. Build a spooktacular yard.

Keep your yard kid-friendly, but show off your Halloween spirit for the trick-or-treaters with this light-up haunted house fromĀ Miranda’s Memories.

10. Walk through a graveyard.

Make your trick-or-treaters walk through a realistic graveyard with these eerie tombstones fromĀ MiscellaneousMary’Shop.Ā Then tell them you’re out of candy. (Just kidding.)

11. Add ghostly lanterns to your mantle.

Include this arrangement of LED lanterns fromĀ Omar’s MerchandiseĀ to your mantle for a ghoulishly delightful display.

12. Show your spirit.

Toast to the dead with a bone-chilling bottle of wine — complements of your skeleton wine-bottle holder fromĀ BDK’s Gifts and Decor.

13. If you’re showing signs, warn your neighbors.

Has your familyĀ been infected by zombies? If so, do the right thing and give your neighbors fair warning by putting up your customized, zombie-crossing sign fromĀ sherrykeepsakes.

14. Let the dead greet your guests.

This skeleton wreath fromĀ Connie’s CraftsĀ will give your guests a hauntingly warm welcome.

15. Be sure no blood gets on the table.

With these skeleton drink coasters fromĀ Wild Child,Ā you won’t have to worry about scrubbing out the blood stains from the coffee table.

16. Have Halloween fun, inside and out.

Add a simple yard decoration, like this one fromĀ BDK’s Gifts and DecorĀ to show some love to the supernatural spirits outside your home.

17. Give your guests a warm welcome.

A Ā list of Halloween decorating tips just isn’t complete without a door mat. And this personalized doormat fromĀ sherrykeepsakes willĀ greet your guests (and trick-or-treaters) with a warm, Halloween welcome.

18. Hire Mr. Bones as your bathroom aid.

This skeleton toilet paper fromĀ BDK’s Gifts and DecorĀ is a must-have for your bathroom decor this Halloween.

Which of these Halloween decorating tips will you use to add a frightful feel to your home?

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