Dracarys! 8 Game of Thrones Gifts Fit for a Khaleesi 🐲

GOT fans gifts

Maybe you don’t speak High Valyrian or have dragons at your beck and call, but that doesn’t mean you can’t still be an honorary Khaleesi.

So put on your best flowing gown and icy-white wig and check out these eight gifts fit for a Khaleesi (or just GOT fans in general.) Dracarys!

1. Claim the Iron Throne in a Cute Tank

This Khaleesi tank is so cute GOT fans will want to wear it even when winter is coming. Sold by Hottees.

2. Say It Loud and Proud 

You’re #blessed to be the Mother of Dragons, so it only makes sense you’d rock this stylish hand-stamped bracelet by Delena Ciastko Designs.

3. Douse Yourself in “Dragon’s Blood” 

What? You actually think Khaleesi wears a floral perfume? Wrong. She’d wear this intoxicating “Dragon’s Blood” fragrance by East Frisian that is a blend of orange, grape, clove, and rose with a patchouli base.

4. Wine Cannot Kill a Dragon (or Something Like That)

All GOT fans need a goblet to hold their beverage of choice and this one, by Omar’s Merchandise, is a must-have. It features gleaming gems and a dragon’s head crest, of course.

5. Bathe in the Blood of a Majestic Beast 

These handmade bath bombs, by SpaGirl, come in the scent of “Dragon’s Blood,” which is a warm, woody, and earthy scent with notes of amber, vanilla, and sandalwood. Delightful! *No dragons were harmed in the making of these bath bombs.

6. Keep Your Hair Looking Fly on the Fly

You’re a Khaleesi, not a Wildling. So keep your hair looking fly when you’re riding into battle (or going to brunch) with this Game of Thrones-inspired headband. Handmade by Raceday Headbands.

7. Bling Like a Queen

GOT fans can rep House Targaryen with these awesome pendants by FABULESS ACCESSORIES. They feature a three-headed dragon charm, the iconic family crest.

8. Throw a Little Shade

Jon Snow may or may not know something, but you can still throw a little shade his way with this super-cute sweatshirt by The State of Love. (Available in gray, pink, and white.)

GOT fans: Which of these items is your fave? 

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