13 Sparkly Products That Prove Glitter Makes Everything Better

glitter products

I’m definitely a girly-girl and always have been. Anything pink or glittery just calls out to me, and I know I’m not alone in that.

I don’t know what it is¬†about glitter that makes it so magical. Ask yourself this: What would you rather have, a plain old candle or a candle full of glitter?

See? It just makes everything better!

So I challenge you to take a look at these glitter products, and see for yourself how glitter truly does make everything better.

1. Glittered Tumbler

This tumbler is practically spilling with glitter. It says ‚ÄúBless This Hot Mess‚ÄĚ on the front, and can be customized with a monogram or name on the back. It is from M W Customs.

2. Personalized Sparkle Keychain

glitter products

P3 Personalized Jewelry in Phoenix, Arizona creates these glitter keychains and necklaces. This one is definitely one of my favorites. The quote is so cute, and of course, the glitter really adds something special. I love the bird and bead charms that dangle from it, as well.

3. Blue Glitter Gel Wax Candle

glitter products

I’m obsessed with this glitter candle! It is so mesmerizing, and one of my favorite glitter products. This candle is handmade by¬†Candles by Candice¬†in Monmouth Beach, New Jersey and can be customized with a fragrance of your choice. It¬†would be a fun addition to your favorite room.

4. Galaxy Stud Earrings

glitter products

These faux druzy earrings are so sparkly! They are lightweight and are available in a variety of different colors. From Sally Daisy Ink in Howell, New Jersey, these earrings would be the perfect pop of color to any outfit.

5. Personalized Glitter Shot Glasses

glitter products

Get your drank on with these adorable glitter products made by Endless Designs in Lehigh Acres, Florida. These shot glasses can be personalized with any initials, as well as any color of glitter! You can purchase them as a set, or individually.

6. Gold Sequin Back Pack

glitter products

Sparkle and shine with this beautiful sequin backpack. It is from Finley Reese Fashion in Arlington, Texas and has a drawstring closure with a magnetic buckle flap. It is the perfect glitter product for traveling, or as bag for going to sports practice.

7. Makeup Brush Holder

What’s the #1 rule in makeup? Blend! This glittered makeup brush holder¬†is so cute! (TBH, it is already sitting on my vanity.)¬†It is made by¬†Girl on Crafts, and she has a ton of other glittery items, too! I seriously want everything in her store… it’s glitter madness!

8. Cursive Wine Koozie

glitter products

What a great way to give a wine bottle as a gift! These wine totes can be personalized with a heat-pressed embellishment that adds gorgeous glitter in any name you want. They are made by Bcreateful LLC in Westminster, Colorado.

9. Best Friends Shirts

glitter products

These super cute BFF shirts are made by¬†Angela’s Custom Creations¬†in Meyersdale, Pennsylvania. They are light pink with glittery gold halves of a heart, and they have¬†the words ‘Best Friends’ split between the two.

10. Teal Glitter Mermaid Necklace

glitter products

This eye-catching pendant features a brass mermaid surrounded by teal glitter that is as beautiful as the sparkling blue ocean. It is a unique piece of jewelry from Defiant Jewelry in Peoria, Arizona.

11. Purple Vegan Eye Shadow

This gorgeous eye shadow pigment is packed with glitter! I’d love to create a look with this beauty. It is vegan, and created by Hot Mama Minerals. They have a bunch of other cool colors, too!

12. Rep the Fur Mom Life

Just because it’s covered in fur and barks doesn’t mean you aren’t a mama. This adorable glittered accessory from Davanzo Boutique in Phoenix, Arizona is too darn cute, and has the perfect saying for dog lovers.

13. Color-Changing, Glow-in-the-Dark Glitter Polish

This awesome nail polish is a dream come true. Not only is it filled with glitter, but it changes colors from blue to green, AND glows in the dark. I have a polish from Big T Ranch Soap and their color-changing nail polish is pretty cool.

Never Stop Glittering!

glitter products that sparkle and shine

Glitter truly does make everything better. From glitter on your eyes to a glittery tumbler, it’s simply a necessity of life!

You know that saying, “Don’t let anyone ever dull your sparkle?” Well, these glitter products make that physically impossible. You’re welcome.

Which of these glitter products makes you feel the magic?

Cassidy is the marketing specialist for Scott's Marketplace. She is fluent in Spanish, and loves sugar skulls and anything pink. Outside of work, she likes to bake, practice yoga and binge-watch Netflix with her dog Pepper.

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