Bad and Boozy: 12 Items for Girls Who Like to Drink

girls who drink

Girls who drink are a special breed.

They carry wine openers in their bags, knock back whiskey like it’s nobody’s business, and understand the importance of a bottomless mimosa brunch. (Like every weekend.)

So if you’re bad, boozy, and not afraid to show it, these 12 products are for you!

1. There’s Always Time for Mo Wine

A classy broad needs a classy wine glass and this one, by¬†Kinnison Precision Machining, fits the bill. It was hand-sandblasted to say ‘Drink Mo Wine,’ which is cool — but it also means the words will not wash or fade and it’s dishwasher safe. Drink mo wine with confidence, ladies!

2. Tell It Like It Is (While Keeping Your Table Nice)

Coasters have many functions. They protect your table, look cute, and sometimes they can even insult your friends if you’re lucky. These handmade travertine tile coasters, by¬†Jen’s Scraps, will be your fave of all time because they’re both funny and functional AF.

3. The Perfect Combo: Dogs and Wine

If there’s a better way to pass the time we don’t know about it. This cute shirt, by¬†UMBUH, says what’s on everyone’s mind: I just want to drink wine and pet my French Bulldog. Don’t have a French Bulldog? Get this shirt anyway, we¬†won’t judge.

4. Home Decor That Opens Your Beer 

Cute home decor that also doubles as a beer opener? If that’s not a win-win we don’t know what is. Choose the state and the colors for your handmade, completely customizable, and super-cool sign from¬†nap time happy hour.

5. Ooh La La

Girls who drink champagne will be in love with this cute tank by¬†Davanzo Boutique. Whether you wear it to brunch or to the gym, you’ll proudly proclaim your love of the bubbly — but in a stylish and classy way, of course.

6. Where the Whiskey Drinkers At?

This handmade necklace, by¬†P3 Personalized Jewelry, is the perfect complement for girls who drink. Whiskey, glitter, and jewelry? That’s a no-brainer. Choose from silver or gun metal finishes and you’ve just got yourself a favorite new everyday necklace.

7. The Wisest Pillow in the World 

This pillow is wiser than most people. It says “Drink champagne, dance on tables,” on one side, which is sage advice. And “What’s a nice girl like me doing without a drink in her hand?” which is a very good question. Handmade by¬†Evelyn Hope Collection.

8. We Were All Thinking It Anyway

Whether there’s vodka in there or not, make everyone laugh with this fun tumbler from¬†Davanzo Boutique. It’s BPA free, holds 16 ounces of your favorite hot or cold beverage, and is double walled. This ain’t your grandma’s water bottle, that’s for sure. (Unless your grandma is really cool and in that case, we take that back.)

9. Tote Your Love for Liquor Around Town 

Whether you’re heading to the beach, shopping, or to the gym, this cute handbag is perfect for girls who drink. One side says, “Save Water, Drink Champagne,” and the other says, “I could do yoga… or I could put on yoga pants and drink wine.” Sold by¬†Evelyn Hope Collection.

10. Sweet Nothings Whispered by… Whiskey¬†

“Fireball whiskey whispers temptation in my ear.” Sound like you? If Fireball is your jam, this tank is a must-have. Sold by¬†Davanzo Boutique.

11. Adults Need Sippy Cups Too

Girls who drink know there’s no shame in their sippy-cup game. And whether you take this cute BPA-free plastic cup out to the pool or use it indoors, you’ll be sending a message loud and clear: spills are for amateurs. Created by¬†MelissasCreations.

12. All a Girl Needs 

Nothing cheers a girl up faster than a little sunshine and a shot of whiskey (which is kinda like sunshine for your soul). Put this hand-painted sign in your home and you’ll always feel cheery, guaranteed. Handmade by Simply Southern Customs.

Girls who drink: Share your favorite item in comments below! 

Shannon is the director of content marketing for Scott's Marketplace. She enjoys reading, writing, daydreaming, and brunching with bottomless mimosas. (And she’s never met an animal she didn’t like.) Send her a tweet and tell her what your favorite book is.

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