5 Ways to Make Your Gallery Wall Unique

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A gallery wall is the perfect way to make a personal statement in your home. Mixing and matching art pieces shares a piece of who you are with your guests, and becomes a fun display of your personality.

Gallery walls let your creativity shine and artistically fill up space with items that mean much more to you than a single large picture you bought at the bargain store.

Here are five ways to make your gallery wall unique so you can artfully display the moments that mean the most to you and your family.

1. Have fun with your color palette.

Play with the colors already in the space, and think about what other colors might complement to start setting your palette. Don’t worry about making all of your pictures too structured or keeping them the same color.

While simple black and white gallery walls are classic and sophisticated, part of the fun can be in picking colors and images that help inspire you.

If the background of your parents’ wedding portrait was blue, play with that when picking out your favorite pictures from your Italian vacation. Or, if you love blue and yellow together, pair that wedding picture with a still life of yellow wildflowers from your nearby state park.

Alternatively, if you’d prefer to have pictures that don’t match color wise, remember that you can always use similar frames across to make the whole impact more cohesive.

2. Pick images that help tell your story.

When you’re picking images, try to use ones that tell your story. Of course, some pictures might make sense just because they’re pretty or because something about them inspires you. However, gallery walls are always more fun when they have a story behind them.

Choose the drawing of a young ballet dancer because it reminds you of your childhood. Or consider the print of French verbiage because it inspires you to travel.

Whatever you select, have fun with this part of the process. It’s most important that this wall represents you.

3. Hang your gallery wall in an unexpected place.

There seems to be some unspoken rule that gallery walls have to be in common areas. But why should offices and living rooms have all the fun!

Consider hanging images that help you to relax above the tub in the master bathroom. Or hang images that inspire you to take on the day in your master closet where you’ll see them every morning.

Much of the joy in gallery walls is that they are there to inspire you and your family. Hang pieces where you’ll be able to enjoy them each day.

4. Consider using anything but prints.

There is no reason why your gallery wall has to consist only of prints, or of any prints at all! Architectural elements look fantastic when grouped together, and become a piece of art on their own.

A cluster of vintage door knobs looks lovely. Or consider using ceramic tiles with unique prints.

Using pieces other than traditional art will attract your eye and make your gallery wall more personalized than prints you just happen to spot at the stationery store.

You can also hit up a festival in your area or buy an original painting online from a local artist. You’ll support local entrepreneurs and make your gallery wall even more awesome.

5. Build your gallery wall around your furniture.

There’s nothing more personalized than creating a a gallery wall around a favorite space in your home.

A vertical wall in your beloved reading nook might be the best place to frame the childhood illustrations you adore. Creating a gallery wall around your television makes your TV look a little bit more like a piece of art, too.

Gallery walls are meant to be unique to the home. And that’s why there are no actual rules for making one! So have fun selecting different paintings, prints, fabrics, tiles — and anything else you can dream up — to create a wall that inspires and delights you each time you see it!

Have you tried making a gallery wall in your home?


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