4 New Fitness Trends That’ll Have You Pumped to Work Out

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It’s toward the end of summer, which means one thing to us: it’s back-to-school season! If you’re like me, you’ve spent this season lightly working out, but you also realize that those extra s’mores were needed a bit less than you might have thought at the time.

Back-to-school season may literally mean going back to school for you or your little ones. But in adulthood, it can still mean that it’s time to get back to focusing on bettering ourselves each and every day.

In the theme of learning, here are four new fitness trends that we’ve found that will up your fitness game and get you back to feeling like the healthiest version of yourself in no time! (Yes, and they even might have you looking forward to your daily workout!)

1. “Smart” Sports Bras

Let’s be honest… we don’t wear sports bras because we think they look pretty. We wear them only out of necessity. And comfort. They’re typically pretty comfortable, too.

But now, there are a few lines of sports bras that are coming up with another reason to wear them — to become more knowledgeable about our fitness levels and overall health.

There are now sports bras that can wirelessly track your heart rate, send all of the information to your smart phone, and they can even learn your typical behaviors to give tips for getting more out of your workout!

Now that’s the kind of bra than I’d like to have as my sidekick and workout accountability partner.

2. Yoga Wheels

The first modern yoga wheels were made in 2014. But they’ve been gaining traction recently and can even be affordably purchased for your own home!

Yoga wheels are small, hollow wheels that are contoured to fit the spine and aide in several yoga poses. They make back bending easier, provide a way to increase the intensity of stretches, and are able to gently guide your practice.

Picture your yoga teacher providing hands-on assistance in your usual yoga class. Not only do they correct your position, but you may also feel a bit more intensity in the stretch. Yoga wheels are able to provide some of that guidance from the comfort of your own home for a relatively affordable price.

3. Filtered-Water Bottles

The amount of water I guzzle during a workout means that I frequently make trips to my gym’s drinking fountain. And, while my gym is clean and makes every effort to remain incredibly sanitary… the drinking fountain always irks me a little bit.

Filtered-water bottles, aka water bottles with a built-in filter, have become my preference — and maybe my favorite of the fitness trends that’ve come out recently. The built in-filters mean the water is free of contaminants, tastes great, and all of the nutritional benefits of H2O are still making it into my system. Sounds like a win to me!

As an added bonus, these water bottles are even perfect for travel. Bring the empty bottle through security and fill it up at the first sink or drinking fountain you see in the terminal. It’s great to know that you can bring pure, clean water with you wherever you go!

4. Lighter Weights (Just Lift With More Reps!)

A study was just released that tested two groups of men (let’s hope they redo the study for women, too) but its findings will be of interest to both sexes!

One group lifted lighter weights and completed up to 25 reps (or until they were tired) and the other group lifted close to the maximum weight they could lift for as many as 10 reps (or until they were tired).

The study found absolutely no significant difference between the two groups at the end of the 12-week study. Both groups had gained muscle strength and size, no matter which weight they lifted!

So when you’re lifting a 3-5 pound weight in barre class, know that you’re still building muscle. Some people love lifting heavy weights, and that’s great. But know that no matter what weight you lift, you’re always building more muscle than any of us sitting on the couch.

Keep Those Muscles Guessing

Whether you decide to invest in a smart sports bra, or just choose to vary your weights routine a little bit, new fitness trends are available to you to up your fitness game.

Workouts are always most efficient when you’re keeping your muscles guessing, including your mind.  These new trends are sure to keep your body and your mind on point throughout this school year and beyond

Which of these fitness trends have you pumped to work out?


Jessica is a blogger and freelance writer who adores fashion, fitness, and all of the fun life has to offer. She enjoys spending time with her fiancé, eating too much ice cream, and adventuring in the mountains of Colorado. Catch more on her blog Semi-Sweet Tooth or on Instagram.

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