Festival Style for Adults: How to Rock Summer’s Top Trend

festival style for adults

Festival style is the hottest thing under the sun right now, but let’s be honest — most of the outfits only work if you’re a teenager.

But why should us grown-ups miss out on all the summertime fun?

With the right techniques, anyone can master festival style for adults — and we’re unlocking the secrets with a few simple formulas.

7 Ways to Rock Festival Style for Adults

Indulge your inner (bohemian) child with these seven grown-up approaches to festival fashion.

1. Try a modest cut-out.

Source: The Zoe Report

Festival season is smack-dab in the midst of summer, but that’s no excuse to run around practically¬†naked. Sure, the temperatures are soaring. You’re sweating. Heck, maybe you’re even having a hot flash.

But you’re an adult.

That means you should rely on breathable fabrics like cotton and linen blends, and you should limit your overall exposure to a “hint of skin” courtesy of a cut-out.

2. Wear a jumpsuit.

Source: WhoWhatWear UK

Want to stay comfortable and look fashion forward? Well, jump to it. I would call the¬†jumpsuit the lazy girl’s fashion solution, but that’s not entirely true given that you have to have some mad Matrix-like skills to get in and out of one when nature calls.

Nevertheless, jumpsuits are 100% acceptable for festival-bound grown-ups (and you can continue to repurpose them in your wardrobe.)

3. Slip on a kimono.

Source: Buzzfeed

Love the look of layers? The kimono is a one-and-done take on festival style for adults.

You can either wear a sheer design over basic tank tops and skirts, or you can opt for an opaque, belted style that transforms into a boho-chic dress.

4. Wear a shirt dress.

Source: Collage Vintage

Versatility is the name of the game for this easy piece. Every woman needs a shirt dress in her closet¬†anyways for those business-casual meetings and work events, but what’s especially great about this fashion staple¬†is that it works just as well for an evening dinner date or an afternoon cookout.

Wear yours in the most festival way possible by pairing it with boots or sandals, layering on tons of turquoise jewelry, and letting your hair go wild.

5. Go for the gauze.

Source: Glam Radar

There’s nothing quite as romantic as a gauzy sundress or blouse. This boho essential skims your figure in a flowing silhouette that’s¬†totally effortless.

It’s the perfect look¬†for a summertime date, and it manages to seem both a little undone and totally on-point.

Wear this lightweight layer for a festival-ready look that translates to the workday and the weekend.

6. Sheer genius.

Source: Rooftop Antics

Festival fashion is fairly revealing, from tummy-baring crop tops to denim Daisy Dukes.¬†As an adult, you don’t want to reveal too much — but you also don’t want to attend a summertime festival wearing long sleeves and a maxi skirt.

Balance the equation by layering your festival apparel with sheer designs.

Try to choose a fabric that’s semi-sheer for at least the illusion of modesty, and wear these flattering pieces over mini skirts, short dresses, and booty shorts alike.

7. Pile on the jewelry.

Source: Who What Wear

The best part about festival style is that it includes lots of layered jewelry — and as a grown-up, you should totally invest in the good stuff.

If bohemian fashion is your cup of tea, putting your money toward fine jewelry that’s made for layering is a smart way to build a bohemian-chic capsule wardrobe that will last.

Kick things off with a bold ring and a long necklace that grazes your torso (and then add to your collection from there).

Share your thoughts on festival style for adults in the comments section below!

Lesley Sheridan is a high-maintenance fashion, beauty and lifestyle writer who thinks she’s low-maintenance. (Yes, she stole that line from When Harry Met Sally.) In addition to writing for The Local Lifestyle, her work regularly appears on Zenni Optical and Slickdeals. Make her day by sending her a tweet.

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