Intricate Eye Art: How to Try This Showstopping Look at Home

eye art
Source: marindamonkey/Instagram

Just when we all started to get the hang of winged liner, along comes eye art.

This beauty trend is definitely gaining popularity, so we sat down with makeup artist Marinda Allred to see four of her latest festival-inspired looks.

And don’t worry — we got¬†her to reveal how she created each one.

1. Watercolor Washes

Source: marindamonkey/Instagram

Hello, pastel perfection. This cute makeup look features spring-inspired hues that make the entire eye area appear lighter and brighter.

Allred gradually layered four eyeshadow shades on her upper lid — sea-foam green, orange, purple, and blue.

She then applied a sunny shade of yellow beneath her eyes for an unexpected pop of color and added a white eyeliner to her waterline.

To create the flowers, she grouped four dots next to each other using a fine-tipped liquid liner (just add a center dot in a different color to make each flower complete.)

Fill any bare space surrounding your petals with dots of white liquid liner, and add some glitter if you feel especially daring.

2. Orange You Lovely

Source: marindamonkey/Instagram

Tired of your basic smoky eye? Heat things up with fiery orange hues.

Allred used a mix of golden ochre, burnt orange, and tangerine shades to achieve this hot look rather than relying on a single eyeshadow color.

Apply the shadow to your lid and beneath your lower lash line, blending the hues together to soften the edges.

Allred then dotted on liquid eyeliner in a matte orange shade and added gold and white dots above and below the eye. (She recommends keeping your eyes closed after applying the dots so that the liner dries without smudging.)

Finish the look off with waterproof mascara.

3. Mermaid Musings

Source: marindamonkey/Instagram

Here at Scott’s Marketplace, we’re admittedly a little obsessed with mermaids — and this¬†sea-inspired eye art is making our mermaid dreams come true.

Allred covered her upper lid in a blend of shimmering green and blue eyeshadows, blending them together just below the crease.

She then applied orange, pink, and purple shadow beneath her lower lashes and framed her eyes with an aquatic waterline.

Next, Allred used liquid eyeliner to apply purple and white dots along the upper inner-most corner of the eye.

She then added “splashes” of blue hues at the outer edges using her dot technique. To really make this look pop, she affixed¬†sparkles and gems to her eye area using¬†glitter glue.

You can use eyelash glue to keep these gems in place, or you can buy an adhesive specifically formulated to use around the eyes.

Be super careful doing this, and only use glue and glitter that’s made to go near your eyeballs. Allred says you can use Vaseline in a pinch, but she recommends only using it on the face (it has a tendency to crease on the eyes.)

Finish the look with shimmering false eyelashes, and you’re basically¬†Ariel without the tail.

4. Bold Underlines

Source: marindamonkey/Instagram

For this bold look, Allred used a piece of tape to make a perfectly straight line. Stick the tape to the back of your hand first to take off some of the extra glue, and then line the tape up with your top lashes.

Blend a red eyeliner with some red eyeshadow in the shades of your choosing, and make sporadic dots on top with your liquid liner.

Allred recommends using waterproof liners in case your eyes begin to water — because that¬†can get messy fast!

Eye Art Application Tips

Source: marindamonkey/Instagram

Mastering these complicated techniques isn’t quite as hard as it looks, but it takes time to get comfortable with drawing outside the lids.

Before you get started, make sure you have everything you need.

  1. Look for inspiration, and start as big or as small as you’d like.
  2. Use fine-tipped liquid liners for more precise designs.
  3. Go for waterproof liners that won’t run or smudge.
  4. Use a primer to keep the products in place throughout the day.
  5. Keep eye makeup remover and Q-tips close at hand in case of any goofs.
  6. If you’re adding¬†gems or sparkles, use an adhesive that’s safe¬†to¬†apply around the eye area.
  7. Practice, practice, practice! Try a specific technique on a piece of paper or your hand before trying to create it on your eyes.

Be sure to check out more of Marinda’s makeup looks on her Instagram!

Are you sticking with your basic wings this summer, or will you try one of these eye art looks? 

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