How to Have the Finest Beard in all the Land

dapper beard products

Some men settle for a mediocre beard.

But not you.

No, you baby your beard with¬†luxurious oils, hydrating balms, and lavish shaving soaps because you understand that’s how greatness is achieved.

Here is everything you need to have the finest, most dapper beard in all the land — guaranteed.

1. A Dapper Beard Kit in a Sack 

Need a travel kit for overnight stays or long vacays? This organic kit has your beard covered. It contains the following handcrafted products: woodsy, organic beard balm, organic beard oil, pine-tar beard soap, and a peach wood comb. Created by hippy dippy products.

2. For the Man Who Likes Variety

Beard oils are like Pringles — you can’t have just one.¬†Krucial Cos to the rescue with an amazing selection of handcrafted oils for your dapper beard. Choose from the following scents:¬†Devil’s Spice (Tea Tree and Cinnamon Leaf Oil Blend), Maine Woods (Juniper Berry, Cedarwood, Pine Needle Oil Blend), Vanilla, and Unscented.

3. Clean Your Dirty, Dirty Beard 

Keep your beard zestfully clean with this handcrafted shampoo soap by¬†Tasha Hussey Body.¬†It’s great for all hair types and can even be used to wash your hair (in place of traditional, boring shampoos) too. Versatility FTW!

4. Well, This Is Embarrassing 

Listen, it’s about time we talked about the dandruff in your beard. Don’t worry, we won’t tell anyone. But might we suggest you check out No Beard-Druff by Leather & Suds? It contains a combination of castor oil, vitamin E, and essential oils to not only condition your facial hair but help repair it. Face the world with confidence, dander man!

5. Wax On, Wax Off 

Keep your ‘stache looking smooth and distinguished (or twist it into the perfect handlebar) with this handcrafted, sandalwood-scented mustache wax by¬†Summer’s Skin. It’s made with beeswax and coconut oil and will ensure your mustache is coveted by all.

6. The Balm-Diggity

Every dapper beard needs a balm to have its back. And this one, by Stilly River Soap Co & Natural Products, is the balm-diggity. (Sorry.) It will help soften, condition and prevent dry, splitting hairs while nourishing new growth and eliminating itching.

7. The Perfect Pair

This delightful duo of beard oil and balm just became your new best friend. Handcrafted by¬†Great Odin’s Beard, the beard oil was made with apricot and coconut oils¬†that have been infused with green tea, cucumber, and cloves.¬†The balm was made with a lovely blend of beeswax, shea and cocoa butter, avocado, and grape-seed oil.

8. Manly Moisture 

Keep your skin looking as young as a newborn baby’s with this post-shave moisturizer by Cherabella Botanicals.¬†Sage, watercress, and lemon bioflavonoids help to purify and revitalize the skin, and vitamins A, C, and E help keep that youthful elasticity goin’ strong.

9. The Swag Is Strong With This One

The trifecta of your bearded dreams awaits you at Natural Mixologist. All three products in this botanical-beard set, including beard oil, balm, and refresher, were handcrafted using natural ingredients provided from that benevolent lady we call Mother Nature.

10. Shave What Your Mama Gave You 

Keep your dapper beard in the dapperest of shape with this handcrafted cedarwood shave bar by Spike Island Soap Co. Made with all-natural and organic ingredients, this shave bar will prepare your skin for a smooth, even shave while moisturizing your skin.

11. Oil Take All Three, Please! 

Each oil in this sampler is a hand-blended formulation of plant oils and botanical essences designed to effectively moisturize, soften, and rejuvenate facial hair and skin. Scent selection includes: Coffee, Vanilla Forest, Dark Forest, Citrus Woods, Nordic Evergreen, and Cedar. Handcrafted by Miss Violet Lace.

12. Bag It Up 

It’s just not OK to use a plastic baggy to carry your beard stuff around in anymore… OK? Look like a classy adult instead by using this handcrafted leather bag, by¬†Draggin Bags. You can even add a leather initial nameplate for extra adult-y coolness.

13. Live the Shaving-Cream Dream

Sorry but Gillette is not the best a man can get. Treat your skin to this handcrafted, organic shaving cream instead and see the difference for yourself! Created by Oiishi Organics.

Which of these dapper beard products caught your eye?

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