How to Cover Dark Circles Once and For All

cover dark circlesUnder-eye darkness giving you the blues? We’re helping you cover dark circles for good with an easy step-by-step makeup guide.

Here’s how to totally cover dark circles without caking the makeup on.

Step #1: Prep

Starting with a properly prepped foundation is the key to building coverage that lasts.

Apply primer beneath your eye to give your makeup staying power, but be sure to opt for a lightweight formula that absorbs quickly.

Avoid using heavy moisturizers beneath the eye before you apply your makeup. These creams are rich and slippery, so any makeup placed on top of them will ultimately run.

Before you start color-correcting and concealing your eye area, go ahead and apply foundation and concealer to the rest of your face. (We want to save those eyes for last.)

Step #2: Correct

Most under-eye darkness looks blue or gray in color, so you need to choose a color-correcting concealer that combats these specific hues.

Peach is best for fair skin, while orange complements darker skin tones.

And while you may have read to always choose an under-eye concealer that’s lighter than your skin tone, you’ll want to do just the opposite with your color corrector.

Go for one that’s a shade or two darker than your skin tone in order to cover the area more effectively.

If you don’t have a color-correcting palette, you can always turn to your favorite red lipstick instead. (It’s true!)

Red is right next to orange on the color wheel, so it also works to combat under-eye discoloration.

Once applied, leave the color corrector unblended beneath the eye.

Step #3: Conceal

Next up: concealer. Choose a full-coverage formula that’s slightly lighter than your foundation, and then apply it in an upside-down triangle shape under the eye.

Use a concealer brush to do this for the closest and cleanest application, and then tap the concealer into the skin using your ring finger (which delivers the lightest amount of pressure).

Next, add some more concealer to the eyelid to cover up any visible veins or redness.

You really don’t need a ton of makeup to cover dark circles. In fact, using too much can make the area look cakey. Stick to a light amount and build it up as you need.

Step #4: Blend

Once you’ve applied your concealer, use a damp makeup sponge to press the makeup into the under-eye area.

Avoid dragging the sponge (which only smears the makeup), and use a stippling motion instead.

Keep pressing or bouncing the sponge against the skin until the concealer is fully blended and the color corrector is no longer visible.

Step #5: Set

Keep everything in place and make your coverage last with the help of a setting powder.

Use a makeup sponge to apply a translucent setting powder to the under-eye area (fluffy brushes can inadvertently wipe away your concealer).

Powder your eyelids and then the rest of the face, as well, to look positively flawless.

How do you cover dark circles? Share your tips in the comments section below!

Lesley Sheridan is a high-maintenance fashion, beauty and lifestyle writer who thinks she’s low-maintenance. (Yes, she stole that line from When Harry Met Sally.) In addition to writing for The Local Lifestyle, her work regularly appears on Zenni Optical and Slickdeals. Make her day by sending her a tweet.

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