Shower in Love: 11 Ingredients for the Greatest Bath Ever

best bath ever

For some of us, bath time is the best time of the day. And why shouldn’t it be?

After all, a study revealed that taking a hot bath torches calories — which means the most relaxing activity of all actually counts as an…¬†activity!

If you regularly look forward to a tub full of bub, take things to the next level with these 11 incredible products for the best bath ever.

1. Boozin’ in the bubbles.¬†

One of the main ingredients for the best bath ever… booze! So grab your glass of wine and this jar of moonshine bubble wash from Black Kettle Soap Company to¬†get those bubbles flowing.

2. Fill it up with fizz.

These butterfly flower bath bombs from Stefania Valenti Bath & Skincare not only smell delicious, but also add detoxifying salts, botanicals, and luxurious oils to your bath water. 

3. Lather in latte.

Wash off a long day with the drink you probably started it with — coffee. This hazelnut latte soap bar from CLAP-ing Arts Studio¬†is made with real coffee grounds, which leaves a delicious scent on your body after.¬†

4. Don’t be salty, relax.

If you are looking for a good way to unwind, simply run the water and add this relaxing lavender bath salt from Stefania Valenti Bath & Skincare.

5. Wash away your day.

This Moroccan black soap from Cabin Fever Soaps and Essentials is a wonderful exfoliate next time you need a good scrub.

6. Sparkle like a mermaid.

These handmade loofah soap bars from Big T Ranch Soap are genius! The mermaid soap bar above is our favorite, but you can find tons of different scents here.

7. Your bath has been activated.

Activated charcoal is all the rage right now, which means it wouldn’t be the best bath ever without a charcoal soap bar like this one from Frosted Seasons Body Essentials.

8. Suds in the tub.

It’s hard to find delicious smelling products for those with sensitive skin. But look no further because this soap from Aromatic Hugs is infused with essential oils that smell amazing and don’t irritate.¬†

9. Showered in scents.

Your bath will never be left stinky when you hang these shower tabs from 247SaleStore in there. Plus, they are a great decongestant when you are showering because of the scent from the natural oils.

10. Baby got bath.

You can really take bath time to the next level with this spa basket kit from Taylor’s Boutique. It includes: bath cream, bath crystals, body lotion, shower gel, buff brush, and a wooden sponge.

11. Sparkle from head to toe.

Start your day off sparkling when you use these energizing bath salts from Blue Dawn Aromatherapy.

Which products will make your soak the best bath ever? Tell us below in the comments section!

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