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Back2thebeginning Farm
Jacqueline of Back2thebeginning Farm

Greetings and welcome to Back2thebeginning Farm. I am so delighted to have this opportunity to introduce myself and our tropical-goodies farm to you all.

Back2thebeginning Farm’s products are farm fresh and direct to you!

Who are you and what do you do?

A peek at Jacqueline’s life on the farm

I’m Jacqueline… grower, gatherer, and crafter on Back2thebeginning Farm. I’m a Jersey Girl gone Southern! I discovered over 20 years ago that sunshine and fresh air deeply comforted and helped me flourish.

So I planted myself and took root right here in Sunny South Florida.

Where is your farm located? 

Mesekite the farm kitty (middle) and the chickens she watches over

Back2thebeginning Farm is located on a small piece of beautiful earth in Western Fort Lauderdale, Florida. We happily share our land with our beloved ole lazy kitty Mesekite.

She’s a lover of nature too. You’ll find her resting in the gardens and watching over our noisy flock of chickens who earn their keep by fertilizing the soil and rewarding us with delicious eggs.

We enjoy the company of many visiting wild ones who feed on our fruits and graze our wholesome pesticide-free land before moving on to other destinations. They provide us with hopeful promise of returning to raise their young ones next year.

All things wild and wonderful return Back2thebeginning.

Tending to exotic fruits, nutritious leaves and health-giving herbs is all we do… and we LOVE it. The work on the farm is quite hard and laborious. Each day has unique challenges and surprises.

No two days are ever the same. Mother Nature is truly unpredictable and wonderful.

The benefits of our hard work most always pays off — giving us so much joy, both spiritual and physical, health, and most importantly, the opportunity to share our bounty with others.

What inspires you? 

Some of the wild creatures who frequent Back2thebeginning farm

I am inspired everyday by the rising of the sun, the singing of the birds, and the fragrance of the fresh blossoms.

The natural rhythm of the cycle of life… In short, Mother Nature is our daily inspiration, yesterday, today, and the promise of a fresh and healthy tomorrow.

Where did the name for your store come from? 

The name of our farm seemed to resonate deep within our hearts and souls as we planted and nurtured our land.

We wanted to venture back, back to a time when our land and food were whole, pure, fresh and life-giving. We found our name or perhaps it found us: Back2thebeginning Farm.

What is your mantra? 

Our mantra, that’s simple: “Freshness Matters.”

What product(s) are you most excited to offer via Scott’s Marketplace? 

Click to shop Back2thebeginning Farm’s full line of tropical fruits

Now that’s a tough one… Scott’s Marketplace offers us the opportunity to share our bounty of fresh, healthful tropical goods to all.

Each product we offer affords its own unique purpose and pleasure. Let’s just say we are overjoyed and grateful to share our fresh, pure, and naturally created goods with you all on such a special venue as Scott’s Marketplace.

Aside from your business, what are your hobbies?

Hobbies? Lets see… Creating artwork with natural media, soaping… stirring the pot the old fashion way, birding, and on very rare occasions, just doing absolutely nothing.

What is your greatest accomplishment so far?

That’s easy… becoming and forever being a mother will always be my greatest accomplishment. But a fairly close second would be partnering with Mother Nature to grow, gather, and share the fruits of our labor.

We’ve turned a typical South Florida Suburban landscape into a delicious and wonderfully nourishing tropical wonderland of healthy fruits, nourishing leaves, and herbs.

What’s on the horizon next for your store?

Click to shop Back2thebeginning Farm’s full line of tropical products

Keep a sharp eye out for more of our pesticide-free seasonal goods. Exotic fruits and nutritious leaves is all we do! Once you’ve tried our goods, we’re sure you’ll be back…
Back2thebeginning Farm.

Have a question or comment for Jacqueline of Back2thebeginning Farm? Share below! 

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