Peace Out, Bros: How to Plan the Perfect Bachelorette Getaway

bachelorette getaway

A bride tribe getaway is just the thing to help your bestie say bye-bye to singlehood.

But, if you’ve hosted one before, you know planning a bachelorette getaway takes stellar communication, organization, planning, and reasoning.

From destinations and venues to gifts and games, here are some planning tips to help make her last big romp a memorable one.

Consider the Bride

Not all brides want to drink through penis straws and wear novelty wedding sashes (but some do, so go crazy if so).

Before you set the plan, consider the bride’s personality and wishes. Is she sassy or subdued?

Ask her where she’d like to go, and then make plans in line with the other girls’ price point.

Determine the Timeline

There’s no rule for when to have your bachelorette party weekend getaway, but typically a month or two before the wedding is a good timeline.

That gives the bride a chance to decompress before finalizing the details of the wedding.

The Location Situation

This bachelorette party weekend getaway is all about the location. Look into the weather, the activity options, and ease of getting there.

Some ideas include:

  • Palm Springs for a weekend poolside
  • A jaunt through wine country
  • Nashville for easy walkability and some good ol’ country music dive bars
  • New Orleans for some moonshine and voodoo
  • Beachside San Diego shenanigans
  • Las Vegas, baby!

Where to Stay

A hotel or resort is your most low maintenance accommodation, and it can put you right in the center of the action if you’re thinking big-city fun.

But renting a house is so much more hip as the options have exploded with vacation rentals like vrbo and airbnb, which offer that special neighborhood charm and kitsch that hotels just don’t.

Once you decide on where to stay, book events like dinner and a pole dancing class.

How to Get There

Don’t forget to plan transportation once you decide where to go.

Whether flying, driving, or getting a party bus, find safe means to get to your destination and then think Uber or Lyft while you’re there.

What to Bring

Give the girls a heads up on if bachelorette getaway fashion is expected during the festivities. You might plan a theme night where everyone wears wigs or where everyone is in white while the bride-to-be wears black.

Let everyone know so they can honor the theme and play along.

Don’t Forget the Favors

Source: Emmaline Bride

Put together gift bags or customize a plastic mason jar and fill with matching sunglasses, bracelets, aspirin, eye masks, and other favor items.

Play Some Games

Source: Pinterest

Your weekend slumber party should include activities that feature the guest of honor. Organize a few games to help the girls bond and make the bride blush.

Compile a list of challenges for the bride or bridesmaids to complete during a bar scavenger hunt. Start up a game of Never Have I Ever after dinner to help get the girls get giddy.

Always keep in mind this is a time to honor the special bride, one of your best friends, as she travels into a new world of marriage.

She might be excited, she might be terrified, but one thing is for sure she has her best girlfriends to make the journey a memorable one.

Have more questions on planning a bachelorette getaway? Share below!

Anne-Marie Pritchett is a freelance writer for The Local Lifestyle who enjoys exploring the outdoors, visiting different cultures, digging into new music, and cuddling her new baby. When she gets some free time, she likes to check out local gastropubs and attempt to speak in her British accent.

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